Omnigram Pte Ltd
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We are a multidisciplinary boutique with focus on the field of experiential programming & design, automation & control and custom integration.

Experiential Programming

Experiential programming and design infuses art, design, technology and space to create a multi-sensory experience to the audience. It may include a simple interactive display to a complex multi-display presentation, immersive visualization, projection mapping, and holographic.


Often found in museum, gallery and other public spaces, the combined experiential design and programming provide a more personal interaction through the creative use of artistic content and interactive medium that traditional print media lacks.

Automation & Control

At the heart of every audio visual setup lies a control system that help manage different part of the sub-system — from switching on/off the equipment, communicating with the lighting controller, starting and stopping the media server (display or projection show), to talking with a variety of interfaces.


The interfaces may include conventional AV equipment such as switcher or scaler but can also include sensory devices used in the experiential setup such as laser scanner, piezo sensor, touch sensor, distance sensor, gesture sensor, motion sensor and many more.

Custom Integration

There is always a unique aspect to each project however big or small that need a bespoke or custom solution. It may require a strategy to partly complement or wholly substitute a solution that was used in the past, due to various reasons — the shifting of content strategy, space constraint, experiment with new medium, timeline or budget constraint.


Bespoke solution can cater to the ever-changing requirement that you can’t find in off-the-shelf solution.