We are an independent multidisciplinary studio with focus on the field of immersive visual, interactive programming, show control and bespoke integration. With partners across industries, we collaborate to create new and memorable experiences.

What We Do

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Immersive Visual

We design large format display such as immersive projection mapping, LED or videowall for variety of spaces — experience centers, museums, galleries and learning centers.

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Interactive Programming

We do interactive programming to engage audience — using various methods of sensing such as push button, touch, gesture, paint, distance and motion tracking.

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Show Control

We provide show control systems from basic scheduling to highly complex show control system that require cue triggering and synchronization between different subsystems.

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Bespoke Integration

We offer bespoke system design and integration service to cater to the ever-changing project requirements and needs that are often not found in off-the-shelf products.

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Holographic Projection

William's Farquhar's Collection of Natural History Drawing in a digital holographic capsule powered by Igloo Vision. Be transported into historical Southeast Asia via a galaxy of paintings amid paint splashes, exploding artwork and other surreal scenes.

Experience Hub

"Experience the reimagination of future industries by harnessing the capability of technology — from digital economy, smart transportation, remote healthcare, knowledge expansion, sustainable food and clean energy in a 360 degree wraparound projection."

360° projection 360° projection
Showcase Gallery

"Showcasing a range of innovative solutions in the areas of mobility, cybersecurity, defense, satellite communications, public safety and security and future technologies."

Multi display and projection Multi display and projection

Multi display and projection Multi display and projection
Interactive Projection

“This interactive multimedia projection tells the Singapore's story of stable economic growth and transformation from the early entrepôt economy in the 1960s to the present distinctive global city status.”

Into Battle

“Into Battle is a multimedia show that traces the story of the Malay Regiment's during their brave last stand at Battle Point 226. The black and white moving visual begins with the incoming of the invading army, the resistance and to the last battle led by Lt Adnan Saidi. The visual experience is enhanced with voice-over, surround sound and lighting effect.”

Into Battle, Reflections At Bukit Chandu Into Battle, Reflections At Bukit Chandu
Mural Wall Mapping

“Combining traditional mural arts with video projection, this artistic mural mapping tells the intertwining story of Singapore's growth and transformation. Standing at almost 3 meters high, these murals grace LinkedIn Singapore office lobby.”

LinkedIn Singapore Mural Wall Projection Mapping LinkedIn Singapore Mural Wall Projection Mapping
An Old New World Exhibition

“Designed in conjunction with Singapore Bicentennial, this exhibition explores the story leading up to the founding of Singapore in 1819. Situated at the entrance, this immersive multimedia projection welcome visitors to experience the visual narrative of the story.”

An Old New World An Old New World
Dome Projection

“The dome provided an immersive 180° spherical multimedia show. With high resolution rendering and 5.1 surround sound — the visitors are immersed in the virtual tour of the showflat from it's feature strategic location, prime office tower, residential, lush greenery to landscaping.”

Dataton WATCHOUT with Dome Projection Dataton WATCHOUT with Dome Projection
Simulation Center

“Integrated simulation center with full suite of auto-calibration system, NightBlend — electromechanical blinder, VADAAR — the framework for streaming, recording, reviewing of simulation video, audio and data.”

Simulation Center Simulation Center